The Writing Paws2Heaven.Com Will Not Be On The Urn Or Any Product That You See On This Site.   Dog And Cat Angel Logo Will Not Be On Urn
Photo frame size for front of urn is 6" X 4" or 5" X 3.5"

Frame is Lucite Acrylic and you insert your pet's picture when the urn arrives

Photo frame size for top of urn is 5" X 3.5"

Frame is Lucite Acrylic and you insert your pet's picture when the urn arrives

Note: Dog and Cat Angels will not be on your urn


You can see more laser pet images by clicking HERE

The customized laser images of your pet can be placed on top of the urn and there are two other placements available.  If you are interested in purchasing a laser marble image for your pet urn please call us to discuss the variety of options.  The cost of the personalized photo of your pet ranges from $85.00 - $135.00 depending on the size of the marble. text, and border inlays selected.  This cost is in addition to the base price of the urn which is $170.00.  Options that you add to the urn are extra such as plate color, picture frame, marble engraving or figurines which are calculate at the time you select your personalized choices.  All of the Classic Pet Urn Series are handcrafted in American and constructed from solid American Hardwood.  Currently, the wood choices are Maple, Cherry and Walnut.  Not only are you purchasing one of the highest quality wooden pet urns available when you choose this urn series but you are also supporting American Wood Crafters.   If you have any questions please call us at  1-614-425-PAWS(7297)

Below you can view sample laser images.  Please click on images to enlarge them



You Can See More Laser Images By Clicking Here


Velvet Cremation Bags For The Inside Of Pet Urns And  "Forever In My Heart" Cremation Containers

Until We Meet At The Rainbow Bridge" Velvet Bags May Be Use To Cover Your Existing Temporary Container Before Placing This Container In The Classic Urn.  Or They May Be Used To Secure Your Pet's Remains Eloquently Before Sealing The Bottom Tray Of The Classic Urn. Note: A Ziploc Plastic Bag Should Be Used Inside Of The Velvet Bag.  
Small bag 4" L X 6" H
Medium bag 7" L X 9"H
Large bag 10" L X 12" H

.Bags come in Burgundy, Royal Blue and Black. If you would like to purchase a bag now you can click here to go to the product page.


Plastic Forever In My Heart Cremation Container
0-8 Pound Pet 10 Cubic Inches
9-35 Pound Pet 45 Cubic Inches
36-90 Pound Pet 110 Cubic Inches
91-145 Pound Pet 150 Cubic Inches