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Our website is currently being streamlined in order to use only the Building a Keepsake process where you can upload your photo change your fonts and see how things will look before they’re actually engraved. Many of our paw print urns are able to be customized uniquely this way and you can designing the urn yourself by typing in better off just copy and paste the link https://bit.ly/2WAcJuL into your address bar and you can go directly to the urn to see the customization in action.
Our Etched In My Heart Series is still under construction although you can see all the options for the urn the customizer is still being developed. If you would like to order you can call us at 1-614-425-7297 call or text us. You can also see our products on our sister site..please type https://tailsabove.com. it is important to make sure you have https not http in order to be directed to the correct website. When you go to this link it will say the site is unsafe and you have to click on advanced and click ok to proceed to the website. No orders can be placed on the website as there is no secure server on that site which is used to process credit cards and the reason for the security warning. Going to the site will not hurt anything on your computer or cause any threats (if you don’t feel comfortable with going to the site then by all means please don’t feel like you have to) this link will allow you take all the details of an item your looking at and store all the order information on a registry list that you create and then you can reference the the details for the order that you would like to place at a later time or perhaps go over the details more thoroughly with us on the phone.

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