Our Cremation Urns Received A Patent In 2013. Etched In My Heart Memorial Pet Urns are individually handcrafted by skilled artisans who specialize in fine woodworking and engraving. The Urn is divided into four sections: Front Plate, Top Plate, Inside Lid and Inside Tray Sections: All sections of the Pet Urn are suitable for both your dog or cat. Each section of this Urn can be customized with marble, a wood engraving, picture frame, plaque and more. 

Cherry Cremation Pet Urn with Marble On Top And Front Of Urn

Walnut Dog Urn With Marble On Front Of Urn

Urn options create a unique Pet Urn

Charlie the dog was a joy to work with that big happy smile. His memorial has a photo plate on top of the urn and a marble photo on front of the pet urn

Pet Urn shown with engraved photo of pet on front and top of Cremation Urn

Maple Pet Urn with Rainbow Bridge Poem

Beautiful Marble Etched Urn With A Photo Of Your Dog Or Cat. Have Your Unique Pet Urn Custom Designed

Bentley’s amazing cat photo engraved beautifully on this pet memorial urn. We work very hard on capturing the personality of your cat.

Grieving pet people are turning to cremation now more than ever for their loved ones, numerous pet owners love the comfort they feel that cremation as the form of their beloved friend symbolizes.

Pet Cremation Urn with pet photo etched on front of urn. Perfect for both Dog and Cat Urns.

Insert your favorite Pet photo into a optic clear acrylic picture frame which adorns the Etched In My Heart Pet Urn

Photo Pet Urn For Dogs & Cats




Paws2Heaven can work with you every step of the way to create the perfect memorial pet urn for your dog or cat.

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